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2020 General Membership

Single Member - $1,500
Family – Two Adults - $2,300
Family w/Dependents - $2,400
Under 39 – Single - $995
Under 39 – Two Adults - $1,500
Weekdays – Single - $1,150
Weekday – Two Adults - $1,750
Youth 18 & under  - $350
College Student June 1 to August 30 - $485
Non-resident Single - $500
Non-resident Family - $750

2021 General Membership

Single Member - $1,550
Family – Two Adults - $2,375
Family w/Dependents - $2,500
Under 39 – Single - $1,025
Under 39 – Two Adults - $1,550
Weekdays – Single - $1,175
Weekday – Two Adults - $1,795
Corporate (Up to 4 members) - $3,995
Youth 18 & under  - $350
Non-Bucknell College Student June 1 to August 30 - $495
Non-resident Single - $525
Non-resident Family - $800
2021 University Affiliate Memberships

Single Member - $1,350
Family-Two Adults - $2,100
Family w/Dependents - $2,200
Under 39-Single - $900
Under 39-Two Adults - $1,400
Weekday-Single - $1,000
Weekday-Two Adult - $1,600
Bucknell Students-semester - $300
Bucknell Students-Academic Year (Fall – Spring) - $450
Junior memberships are valid after 3pm unless playing with an adult. College student memberships are valid June 1st - August 30th. Non-resident memberships must live outside a 50 mile radius of Bucknell Golf Club.
Advantage Program

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Bucknell Advantage Program

$6 Off 18 Hole Riding Fees
$3 Off 9 Hole Riding Fees
$3 Off 18 or 9 Hole Walking Fees

$25 for Public | $19 for University Affiliates 

This card will be valid for the 2020 & 2021 season! Card expires 12.31.21. Cannot be combined with any other offer, league, event, or discount. 

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A beautiful golf course in great condition. A variety of challenging holes. Staff very friendly. Ken W.
Bucknell Historical Highlights

December 21, 1929 • The Bucknell Board of Trustees unanimously approved a motion by Mr. William H. Thompson, of Hightstown, New Jersey, that the Board complete the payment for the farm purchased by Judge Albert W. Johnson, for the purpose of constructing a golf course.

February 19, 1930 • Dues for all members as originally established were as follows: Regular Members, $30; Associate Member (Female), $20; Student Members, $10; Summer Students $10.

February 28, 1930 • Professor James P. "Scottie" Whyte announced that Mr. Emil Loeffler, noted golf architect, had been retained to design the course, his brother, Mr. Archie Loeffler supervised the construction of the golf course at a cost of $15,000, a major part of which was borrowed on the endorsement of several members, namely, Frank Burpee, "Scottie" Whyte, James McClure, and Robert Matz.

October 31, 1930 • Ernie Graner, '33 was the winner in the 18-hole medal tournament held as a feature of the formal opening ceremonies of the Bucknell Golf Club, held on Homecoming, 1930. His score was 88.

Spring 1931 • Harold L. Evans came to Bucknell Golf Club in the spring of 1931 as Caddie Master under Professional Murray Butler. He succeeded Butler in 1932.

July 1, 1932 • The golf course is entered on the University books at $9, 500, with the note that it was purchased with a gift of $6,000 from William H. Thompson, a member of the Board of Trustees, and collections from members, most of whom were Founders of the club, in the amount of $3,756.

Spring 1947 • The original 9 hole layout was substantially changed in 1947, when # 3 was altered by the elimination of the dogleg around the old barn and parking lot. The original # 3 green was abandoned, along with the # 4 tee and fairway. The revised # 3 included most of the old fairway, the old # 3 tee, and an enlarged # 4 green. At the same time a new par 3 hole (#7, now 16) was created by turning the # 8 tee 90 degrees to the left and building a new # 7 green and a new #8 (now #17) tee.

Spring 1964 • The course was expanded to 18 holes by the addition of the Herman farm west of Smoketown Road, which had been purchased by the University in 1947 at a cost of $9,000. Golf course architect Edward Ault, of Silver Spring, Maryland redesigned the course. He added a large pond (#12 & 13) to the old layout, placed five new holes (# 4, 10, 12, 13) out of the original acreage. The cost of these improvements was $76,000.

Summer 1967 • Difficulty in growing grass on the red shale of the five new holes across the road led to the installation of a fairway watering system, including a pond in front of # 9 to serve as a reservoir for the water supply. Total cost of these improvements was $25,000.

Fall 1973 • The green of # 16 was reconstructed and a bunker was added in front of the green, at a cost of $6,000.

Fall 1978 • Harold Evans was named Senior Professional.

Spring 1979 • Wendell B. Bertram was promoted from Assistant Professional to Golf Professional.

October 5-12, 1979 • The Bucknell Golf Club celebrates it's 50th Anniversary. The festivities were finalized with a Golf Clinic and Exhibition by Dave Marr, 1965 PGA Champion and ABC Sports Commentator.

July 14, 1987 • A proposal regarding the Bucknell Golf Club Practice Range Facility was presented by the Bucknell Golf Club Board of Directors to the Bucknell University Board of Trustees. The project was approved and the Practice Range opened for use in the spring of 1988. The total coat of the project was $21,750.

August 1989  • Nicole Danforth, a member of Bucknell Golf Club won the Pennsylvania Women's Amatueur Championship contested at Gulph Mill Country Club.

June 15, 1990 • The new clubhouse facility opens. The project consisted of new dinning area and kitchen, new men's and women's locker rooms and updated pro shop and office space. Contributions to the clubhouse project totaling $1500,000 helped to defray the cost of $570,000.

March 9, 1991 • The new practice putting green opened. "The Evans Green," as it was named with a gift from James and Patricia Apple, was built according to guidelines provided by the United States Golf Association.

June 28, 1991 • Dedication of the new clubhouse facility. Gary Fry, President of the Bucknell Golf Club, provided opening remarks detailing the steps taken by the Board of Directors from the origin of the project in 1986 until its completion. Ellis Harley followed and closed the dedication with recognition of a special gift. Fred Kessler '62 and Virginia Reeser Kessler '63 were honored for their contribution to the Bucknell Golf Club Clubhouse Facility by naming the tenth hole in their honor.

December 11, 1991 • Jeff Ranck reported to the Board of Directors that the search for a superintendent had concluded. The position was offered to Charles Lincicome 

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